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1f scarecrow sims horror call sims2 sims2horrormovie of the slasher 3m film 2 scary sims2slashermovie

Machinima 'Call of the Scarecrow' - Sims 2 Slasher Film [3M 1F]

[Image: i6Di3PNP.png]

Call of the Scarecrow
is an upcoming slasher film I'm making with the Sims 2 about a homeless and dying teenager named Joe Winko (already voiced by me) who is stranded in rural town of Black Ridge Arkansas, where a magic killer scarecrow is on the loose! Joe soon finds out that only he can stop the scarecrow. Will he be successful?


The characters all talk in a slight southern american accent but not one that's too 'stressed' or 'over the top'.

please send your audition to :)


so please audition quickly and join the fun :)


[Image: xBBcRKCC.png]

VOICE TYPE: Mature adult male voice with slight southern accent. 

Officer Willis is a police officer in charge of protecting Black Ridge Arkansas. He doesn't believe in any 'paranormal' or 'superscription' but he is bound to be proven wrong by the lurid events which will unfold... 

Audition Lines:

(SERIOUS/CONCERNED VOICE): “It’s bad Officer Kimball, really bad…”

“There were four victims. Three of them killed inside the diner and one unidentified victim found dead near the road. She had died from multiple gunshot wounds.”

“She was wearing a red sweater with gold stars.”

PATRICK (6 Lines)

[Image: 2uy0ols.png]

VOICE TYPE: Mature adult male voice with slight southern accent.

Patrick is a chilled laid back man who works at the Black Ridge medical center. He takes his job seriously but never really stresses about anything, UNTIL he's in grave danger!

Audition Lines:

“Have you guys seen Jeff, Wendy, or Matt?”

“I’ll check for them outside. You girls can check Angela’s office.”

(SCARED): “Pat!”

PAT (12 Lines)

[Image: 1zp47kj.png]

VOICE TYPE: Mature but somewhat high-pitched friendly adult female voice with slight southern accent.

Pat is a sweet lady who talks in a high-pitched voice with a SLIGHT country/southern accent.

She is a nurse at the Black Ridge Medical Center. 

Audition Lines:

PAT: “Angela? Wendy? Matt? Jeff? Are any of you guys in there?”

PAT (SCARED): “Oh my god! Jenna! Patrick! Help me!”

PAT (SCARED): “No! Please! What are you doing! Don’t leave me! No!”
Deadline has been passed. but I want to audition.
(11-08-2017, 09:33 PM)Elric Atchison Wrote: Deadline has been passed. but I want to audition.

lol go ahead. no one has auditioned. I never liked the whole 'dead line' rule anyway either hahahaha XD
i extended the deadline again.

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