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zombie studios world talent is for zeta looking

Fan Dub Zeta Studios is looking for talent for Zombie World!
[Image: ZWBanner.jpg]
Project Genre: Adult, Soft-core, Comedy, Horror

Zeta Studios is currently looking for voice talent to replace two of our female main characters and fill the following Extra roles in Episode 3 of Zombie World, aka Highschool of the Dead Abridged.

Please Follow All Instructions For Your Audition

Legal Notice:
The casting is for a Mature Audience production, which may include the following:

Adult Language
Sexual Situations
Sexual Language
Sexual Content
Extreme Violence
Racial Stereo Types
And Other Possible Adult Related Content

If you are not comfortable with this, do not audition. Also, by auditioning you clarify that you are of legal age and can perform under these conditions.

Available Roles:

Main Roles:

For continuity and best presentation, review episodes 1 and 2 of Zombie World to get a sense of the female characters as well as your lines.

Zombie World Episode 1
Zombie World Episode 2

Saeko Busujima – Strong, reserved, bi-curious, secret sadist, slightly psychotic with smooth voice

Rei Maiymoto – Slutty, dumb, aggressive, and ditzy with an innocent voice


Jodie (Lines 5, 1 scream)
Age 14, Bi-polar - Sweet Innocent to Psycho Bitch
Audition Lines:
1. (sweet) I love you!
2. (psycho)Screw you bitch!
3. (irritated) Awe, this is bullshit.
4. (innocent scared) Mommy

Suzie (Lines 6, 2 scream, 1 crying)
Age 14, Naïve, Sweet Innocent
Audition Lines:
1. (happy) Forever and ever.
2. (confused) Jodiiieeee!
3. (shocked) What?
4. (upset) Why me?

Sexy Buttervace (Lines 3, 1 scream)
Age 28, professional, easily scared of the paranormal
Audition Lines:
1. (uneasy) Reporting live… this is Sexy Buttervase
2. (very uneasy) Ummm, it’s really creepy here.
3. (scared) Oh my god!
4. (fearful but trying to be professional) Well… you see… the dead are… scream

Anita Dickson (Lines 4)
Age 30, professional, icy bitch
Audition Lines:
1. (serious) C.I.N. Breaking News!
2. (serious) We take you live to Sexy Buttervase!
3. (professionally cold) more as it comes.
4. (selfish) Glad its not me out there.

Black Haired Girl (Line 1, 1 scream)
Age 16, scared to death, in pain
Audition Lines:
1. (scared) Stay away, no, no, not my happy place! (scream)
2. (scared) Stay away from me rapist! (pain scream)

Brown Haired Teen Girl (Lines 2, 1 scream)
Age 17, cute but scared, in pain
Audition Lines:
1. This is how it ends… (pain scream)
2. I wanted attention but this… (scream)

Recording Info:
We’d prefer a professional Mic with Pop filter; we recommend a Yeti or Standard Dynamic Condenser Mic, examples below.
Standard Dynamic Condenser Mic
Yeti Mic
Please use stereo input at 44.1khz and save in mp3 format.
Headsets are fine, but please don’t use a cheap $20 headset or microphone from Wal-Mart. If you use a headset, please use mono input at 44.1khz and save in mp3 format.
Send all audition recordings to
Please remember to add the address to your friends or accepted list as not to miss responses because of spam filter.

Note: No submissions will be accepted or reviewed if they are not in the correct format.

The Deadline to Audition is July 20th. However, we may extend that if we don’t get the right talent.
We will keep you updated. Thank You.

The following roles have been filled:

Rei Maiymoto

The Dead Line has also been extended to August 1st.

The following roles have been filled:

Saeko Busujima
Antia Dickson

The Dead Line has also been extended to August 10st.

Just a few more voices to fill and we're good to start rolling again.

And thank you all for your submissions so far, it was difficult choosing, many of you are highly talented.

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