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actors voice english dub

English Dub Voice Actors
I find English dub voice actors to be very talented people. In my opinion I think the original voice overs are better but in some cases the dubs are better. Such as Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. For anyone who has seen the dub, I'm pretty sure you would agree. I think that Jamie Marchi, (voice actor of Panty) does a great job of acting out "crazy" or "outgoing" characters. 

Another English dub VA I like is Rebecca Shoichet, specifically when she was voice acting for Nana Osaki in the anime Nana. I heard a bit of her other work and to be honest it's really good! I think she really hits it to home when it comes to getting the characters personalities. 

Who are your favorite dub actors? Or maybe any voice actor in general?

Signing of nerdomarcy Marcy Tongue
For me Monica Rial, I met her a few times at conventions and she was always super nice.

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