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unpaid copy micro asian oriental budget ninja feature low cheesy credit japanese b karate movie indie film independent

Copy/Credit Unpaid Micro Budget Feature
Hello, I have been working on a low budget feature film for over 3 years, and I am in need of voice actors. This is for unpaid work, but I can give you a credit and copy of the film when it is complete. You will also be welcome to use any segments of the film for your reel/portfolio.

The film is called Ninja Mountain. It is roughly 80 minutes in length. It was conceptualized as a spoof of the kung fu & ninja movies from the 1970's and 80's. It follows a very traditional story-line about a young boy training to become a ninja in the midst of a ninja civil war.  The film was shot with the intention of the entire soundtrack being dubbed to give it that 70's karate "feel". Yes, it is intentionally cheesy, but the more we work on it, the more we are trying to make it look (and sound) as good as we can get it.. 

I am looking for a few people who would be willing to lend their time to do some voices for the movie of different ninja characters. The types of voices I am looking for would be something similar to what you would hear in an old karate/ninja movie that has been dubbed. I want something intentionally funny and cheesy. I am also very open to suggestions and actors ad-libbing lines since the whole point of the movie was that we could add in extra lines in post-production anyhow. I am also open to one person doing more than one voice. I can send you the entire script, you are welcome to look through it and do whatever voices you like. As time has past, this movie has changed with extra scenes being added and such. This has basically been a "film school" for me and my partner. So, I would like to find people who would be willing to stay in contact with me as I keep working on this movie. 

You can contact me through here, or at for a copy of the script.

DEADLINE FOR AUDITION: September 13, 2017
You should post a deadline to follow the rules.
As has been said please update your thread to follow the rules or we'll have to lock it.
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(08-09-2017, 11:45 PM)Cyntrac Wrote: You should post a deadline to follow the rules.

It has been updated

(08-11-2017, 10:04 AM)Azure Wrote: As has been said please update your thread to follow the rules or we'll have to lock it.

It has been updated.
You didnt actually read the rules, pm me when you have thanks.
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