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new are yourself you introduce

Are you new introduce yourself!
1) 5
2) Yoko Shimomura
3) Laputa: Castle in the Sky
4) Blue
5) The discord (that I found out about from Twitter) b) Yes
6) Pizza
7) It's over.... Isn't it, why can't I move on?
8 )Ghibli?
9) Eep
10) Steven Universe
11) ) Neither
12) Ape
13) I have a Blue Snowball that I use for let's plays (I do some voices there if it's text only)
14) Look up AnniexoHoshi

So yeah guess I should say hi. I mainly joined this site to find VAs since I do plan on creating games and will need people to voice characters. I'll lurk for now. If I find someone I like the sound of I'll ask them to help out.
1) 94
2) Cute Whore (It is actually a singing duo)
3) Summer Wars (I need to rewatch it actually)
4) Blue shades
5) I used to be with VAA back in the day and found this out when I tried going to the old VAA to find it was dead.
6) sushi or sour skittles
7) It's over....1006
8 ) Gainax 
9) Boo? Ok? Why not Smile 
10) See I would have said Degrassi but that is Canadian and it just hit me so Steven Universe
11) ) Iron Man duh
12) Monkey? I freaking love them! 
13) Blue Snowball
14) This is all I have on my channel so  far but plan to do actual VA work on it very soon. 

Welcome to the site!

Signing of Azure
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1) 66
2)Yung Bae (I'm a Vaporwave listener)
3)Big Hero 6
5)from the youtuber CDawgVA b) Yes
6)Chicken & Fries
7)it's over there a rare Pokemon
9)one of my favorite Mario villains
10) The Young Ones, Bottom, Fawlty Towers, The New Statesman & The Boondocks (don't make me choose)
11)Captain America
12)Donkey Kong
13)Audacity and Windows Movie Maker (that's it)
14) they are pretty mediocre
1) 13
2) Don't have a favorite artist.
3) Back to the Future Part I
4) Forest Green
5) Found this forum literally browsing discord servers. b) Thought about VA quite a bit actually (used to be quite active on VAA before the shutdown).
6) Cold cut sandwich with a sweet tea
7) My head?
8 ) Neither preferred, though I do enjoy productions from both.
9) Moo?
10) Fringe
11) ) Neither.
12) Skreeetch!
13) Blue Yeti Blackout attached to a ProLine desk stand with custom shock prevention, Sterling Audio dual screen pop filter, and custom digital mixer settings utilizing VB-Audio Virtual Cable and VB-VoiceMeeter. (Hint: Set gain knob to 3/4 max and in Windows Recording Devices settings, set mic sensitivity to "4")
14) Whenever I am actually active again;

Signing of ZaliaS "If you don't get a miracle; become one."
Welcome to the site!

Signing of Azure
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