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animated males actors comedies voice needed for females

Animation Voice Actors Needed for Animated Comedies (Males/Females)
Voice Actors needed for Animated Comedies
Hello, I am looking for voice actors for upcoming projects. There are three projects I am working on, but only two of them are currently in production, so we will focus on those.
Zombie Outbreak – Zombie Outbreak is a comedy about a widespread zombie infection. While it is comedic at heart, it is also filled with action and (hopefully) tension. The story follows two storylines. One is centered around two friends trying to survive in a mall together, and the other follows a character trying to get through the city in one piece.
Roles I need filled:
Ashley (Female) – Ashley is a strong and independent female character, but she also has a strong feminine side to her. She is the one who takes control of the zombie outbreak situation in the mall and helps everyone to properly work together to keep the zombies out and prepare for any dangerous situation.
Geezer (Male): Geezer is an old man claiming to be a zombie veteran. In reality, he as Alzheimer’s, but he does somehow know how to deal with every zombie situation regardless.
Colors – Colors is somewhat a parody of life, where certain characteristics are defined by colors. Most Colors videos are relatively short and deal with one specific topic, such as a crush, first date, trying to introduce yourself to someone, or struggling at your job. The goal is for Colors to be relatable to all people, but it’s mostly going to strike a chord with younger audiences, in my opinion. With that being said, there is still a lot of mature humor in it.
Roles I need filled:
Brown(male): Brown represents the friend in any situation, and is Green’s (the main character) best friend.
Dark Blue(Female): Dark Blue represents the Ex Girlfriend, and is a reoccurring character that comes back to haunt Green every now and then (or the other way around...).
Purple(Female): Purple represents the friend that is a girl, but she is usually Brown’s girlfriend. Regardless, she usually appears in episodes to give advice or represent a situation involving a girl you don’t have romantic feelings for.
Auditions –
To audition for the roles, please record the following.
Ashley –
“Alright, smart ass, you want to see what’s out there? Because let me tell you: the moment you step out there, you’re zombie chow.”
“It’s coming from the store that sells the stereos and music… We have to turn off the audio equipment or it’s going to attract all the zombies.”
“I… Don’t know if we really have time for this, but… I kind of like you too. I just don’t know though. I don’t think either of us are ready for this after everything that’s happened.”
“Ade, no! Please don’t do this!”
Geezer: Note that with this character you need to sound like an old war veteran -
“Boy! You haven’t seen the things I’ve seen. You don’t know the horrors of this virus like I do.  You don’t know the damage it has put on a man like me for years…”
“…I have Alzheimer’s….”
“I just found this suit in the back of the store. Makes me feel like I can kick some zombie ass!”
Brown –
Nope, nope! You can’t let him just walk all over you, man! It’s time we fight back…”
“Wow, if my girlfriend was that ungrateful, I’d dump her immediately. Just sayin’.”
Dark Blue
“What, Green? Uh, I don’t care about him anymore. Such a loser.”
“Green… I miss you… We were really great together!”
“Aha, Dark Red! You’re such a better boyfriend than Green!”
Purple –
“You don’t want to be the jealous boyfriend. Just trust her, and if anything goes wrong, express your concerns.”
“I’m seriously in love with Brown. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”
Deadlines and Commitments
Once you have recorded your lines, please send them to I listen to all auditions, even if I determine which roles I will cast for.
The deadline for these auditions is July 25th.
Generally, I am very flexible. If you are casted as a role and need time to do the lines, that is okay. I understand that everyone has a life, as I do myself. The only thing I ask is that you keep within decent communication so that I know you are still on board. If you decide to quit a project, I would appreciate being notified ahead of time so I can prepare for recasting or maybe pulling the character out of the show.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing your auditions.

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