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springs shady

Animation Shady Springs
This project is unpaid.

[Image: shadysprings_by_sintraceur-dbyzr18.jpg]

Shady Springs is an animated short they sees a group of kids from a small town try to stop an alien invasion.

Then length of the finished animation will be around 5 minutes.
The characters are as follows.

[Image: shadyspringscast_by_sintraceur-dbyzr33.jpg]
 EDIT : All roles have now been cast.

Main Cast.

Titan : Age 12, Titan is Apollo’s twin brother. He is strong and confident.
Line 1 Lay off it, Chase.
Line 2 Come on. Aliens are invading Shady Springs and you’re here to stop them?
Apollo : Age 12, Apollo is Titan’s twin brother. He is quiet and a little reserved.
Line 1 Wow, you really didn’t need any help.
Line 2 Guys, I really think we should get out of here...
Veronica : Age 12, Veronica is the new girl. She is overly confident. Doesn’t care what anyone thinks and can take care of herself.
Line 1 I don’t need any help. I’ve dealt with plenty of dumb meat heads before.
Line 2 Oh. Man. That was AWESOME!
Supporting Characters.

Chase : Age 13, Chase is the local bully. Typical meat head, he acts without thinking and bullies people so he can feel better about himself.
Line 1 Watch it, freak!
Line 2 Yeah Titan, space girl’s fine.
Teacher : Elderly lady. Not particularly interested in teaching. Just wants to get her pay check and go home to her cats.
Line 1 Chase that’s enough! Veronica, why don’t you take a seat?
Line 2 Ha ha! Well, I can certainly tell you’ve got a sense of humour! What do your parents do?

Old man Barney : An Alien.
Lines : For this guy we just need assorted grunts grawls and snarls.

Please send auditions to

The deadline is the 16th of January.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!
Hi this looks awesome any accent preferences?

Signing of Azure
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
I sent an audition your way. Thank you for the opportunity!

Signing of Brittany Ann "Use the talents you possess. For the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best." - Henry Van Dyke
(01-05-2018, 07:16 PM)Azure Wrote: Hi this looks awesome any accent preferences?

Hi, no I don't have any particular preferences.
Sent an audition. Good luck with the project, looks pretty great so far.
I just sent you an audition! I love the art style. Smile

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