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unpaid tas ghoul moment at the tokyo

Abridged Series Tokyo Ghoul TAS (unpaid at the moment)
I am a long time fan of abridging and have made a test to post to prove my skills of editing, you will have to have a basic understanding of tokyo ghoul to apply, The List of characters are available here:

Touka Kirishima (Preferbly a female voice actor)
Nishiki Nishio (Normal Voice will do)
Kureo Mado (Wierd personality)
Tsukiyama Shuu (Normal Voice)
Yukumo Oomori 'Jason' (Deep Voice)
Juzzou Suzuya (Female voice actor)
Uta (Camp voice)
Arima Kishou (Normal voice)

The rest of the voices will be preformed by my crew and myself... Currently i am not offering money but i am willing to offer other sources of payment, obviously no laptop or camera mics if so you will be disqualified. My deadline is the 30th of November and the lines available are here.

all the female characters:
'Oh My GOD fuck off kaneki you are The most annoying little shit i have EVER met'

all the male characters:
'Yeah Ken FUCK OFF would ya.No. I am dead serious...Fuck off!'

Preferbly American over the age of 13

Contact me at with your audition at:

I look foward to hearing from you...GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Big Grin  ( My name is Jack BTW)

Update: ONLY MP3 files...Please

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